About Weatherplannner

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing." - Alfred Wainwright


Hot or cold, temperature can affect your plans. Planning for the weather and accounting for temperature ensures that you will not only be dressed in weather appropriate attire but will be able to plan the perfect activities for the climate. Whether you are planning a golf tournament, a one day trip to a water park or a week-long vacation at a beach resort, knowing the range of temperature for the time and location you choose will give you the greatest chance of an enjoyable event.

WeatherPlanner forecast calendar shows the predicted temperature ranges in numerical values For example, mid 80s to low 90s or mid 70s to hi 70s. Colored bars indicate a seasonal comparison of temperature. Red indicates a warmer than seasonal temperature. Blue means the temperature is cooler than average for the time of year and a white bar shows Temperature as a seasonal average. The bar color does not change with fluctuation in temperature; the bar color only indicates seasonal values.