The Inspiration Behind WeatherPlanner®

Anticipate the moment when she says I do.
Anticipate the moment when you smell the sea air driving over the bridge to the shore.
Anticipate the moment of your child’s first home run.

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to just about everything – a golf weekend with the guys, backyard barbeques with extended family, attending a school play for my boys or training for a race. I am one who savors the process as much as the plan itself. In anticipation, I plan months in advance because life doesn’t often afford me (or any of us) the luxury of a do-over for these special moments. I’m the guy that maps out nearly every detail. Well, every detail except the weather that is.

How many times has unexpected cold, snow or rainy weather cast a cloud over your plans?

For me, bad and unexpected weather had gotten in the way more times than I could count despite perfect weather conditions the same time last year or the weeks before I left. I was left scrambling to undo reservations, re-plan at the last minute and spend more money than I intended. So as I got older and life got busier, I still craved the adventure but preferred my risks to be calculated. So when scheduling events and activities weeks and months in advance, I meticulously tended to the details but was still forced to leave that one element up to chance that could make or break the moment. The weather. I didn’t give up. I searched for forward-looking weather data for the towns I frequented, but none existed. I looked for updated weather information for the places I was planning to travel to, but it wasn’t available. And, I looked for trending data that presented weather in plain English and simple to understand, but it was impossible to find.

The worst part was that I knew the information existed because many businesses rely heavily on trending weather forecasts. For years, companies have used long-range weather outlooks and analytics to optimize advertising spend, manage inventory and project sales forecasts. But this information was not readily available to individuals and certainly not accessible to plan the events, trips and activities in my life.

Until WeatherPlanner®

WeatherPlanner® gives you a long-range, weather outlook in straightforward, common language so you can, with confidence, factor in weather when planning and anticipating life’s special and everyday moments. You now have, at your digital finger tips, weather intelligence that gives you trending weather for the next 365 days to help you determine the best dates for events and activities. And, you can view our long-range weather outlook on an easy-to-read calendar so you spend less time interpreting the weather and more time sharing the moments with the people that matter most to you.

The long-term weather outlook is derived from a proprietary process using algorithms that predict weather trends for the next 365 days based on more than 100 years of historical data. You can now plan ahead for how the weather will impact your next birthday, vacation, 5K race, sports tournament, etc. For more than 60 years, Fortune 500 companies have used sophisticated technology to optimize advertising spend and inventory decisions and now you, the consumer, can finally benefit.

I hope that WeatherPlanner® helps you to best plan for and anticipate the everyday and special moments on your calendar and in your life.

My best,
Jay Ciccarone