About Weatherplanner

"Climate is what we expect. Weather is what we get." -Mark Twain

How reliable is WeatherPlanner?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about our service and in simple terms, we provide a weather outlook for a range of dates to give you an indication of what the weather will be like. We will not be 100% but the advanced algorithms behind the WeatherPlanner is unlike any other forecasting service: We predict precipitation and temperature up to a year in advance allowing you to plan accordingly. Short term forecasts are able to predict the nuances of a variety of weather events that take place throughout the day or up to five days in advance. WeatherPlanner focuses on long range forecast for advanced event planning such as weddings, graduations, Superbowl Sunday, golf outings, summer vacations and winter getaways.

For verification

One test we use to verify accuracy is the "wedding weekend" test, which compares the best weekends for a wedding as predicted by WeatherPlanner in several cities with the weather that actually occurred in those places. Recent results showed WeatherPlanner's predictions to be correct 77 percent of the time and 83 percent of time. Those are pretty good odds and when you are making future plans, whether it is 2 months or 12 months in advance, depending on WeatherPlanner as a planning tool is a whole lot better than leaving it to chance.