About Weatherplanner

"It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain." - Mark Twain

What is the best way to use WeatherPlanner?

Users tell us that the best way to use WeatherPlanner is to look at a range of dates to get a sense for the weather trends anticipated for that time period. Repeated days of rain or unseasonably cold temperatures at a destination will help vacationers to search alternative dates or locations that offer more desired weather conditions.

If, for example, you are planning a special event, choose a broad span of time in which you'd like to host the event - such as the month of May. Then input dates for the month and look at the intervals, or continuous days of similar weather to find the longest period of dry, mild conditions. Choosing a date in the middle of those days is the optimal time for your event.

If the date or location of your event or trip is set, WeatherPlanner gives you advanced intelligence so you know how best to plan for those conditions.