Weatherplanner FAQs

Why is WeatherPlanner better than Farmer’s Almanac?

WeatherPlanner provides a weather outlook for a range of dates to give you an indication (or trend line) of what the weather will be like. No forecast or outlook is spot on 100% of the time, but the advanced algorithms we use are unlike any other forecasting service. We predict precipitation and temperature - up to a year in advance - allowing you to plan for the events, activities, trips and special moments in your life.

One test we use to verify accuracy is the “wedding weekend” test. This compares the best weekends for a wedding as predicted by WeatherPlanner. We look across several cities and compare the actual weather with WeatherPlanner’s predictions in these locations. Recent results show WeatherPlanner’s predictions to be correct between 77%-83% of the time. We feel those are pretty good odds, but most importantly, so do our users. They tell us that using WeatherPlanner as a tool to help plan the best date and location is far much better than leaving it to chance.

Look for more WeatherPlanner reliability tests in the upcoming months as we expand the number and different ways people use our tool to plan.