About Weatherplanner

How is WeatherPlanner’s output different from what you get on the Farmer’s Almanac?


The WeatherPlanner outlook is made from a complex set of algorithms that predict how global weather systems will move geographically over time. The actual process is proprietary, but our meteorologists develop standard weather charts and apply the modern meteorological techniques to display fronts and low-pressure centers. WeatherPlanner meteorologists use algorithms with data from specific times and places to create long-range outlooks that are as location- specific as possible.

Farmer’s Almanac

Farmer's Almanac (and there are many different publications with that name) also use proprietary processes. None of them specifically describe the use of modern meteorological methods, however many of them indicate that they are statistically, historically, or even astrologically based. The Farmer’s Almanac is very general in its descriptions of the weather with predictions made over a large geographical area.