24me Smart Personal Assistant and WeatherPlanner, Partner To Be The First To Bring a Full Year Weather Outlook On The Calendar – 24me Forecast

24me Is the First To Provide Consumers With Patented Technology Used By Fortune 500 Companies, For 365 Days Weather Outlook

Tel Aviv, Israel; Wayne, Pa – May 28th 2015, at 9 am EST 24me, the creator of the Next Generation Personal Assistant and named by Apple “App Store Best of 2014”, releases today a revolutionary new addition to its iOS app – Forecast: a full-year weather outlook available on the calendar. This 365-day advanced view of weather gives 24me users an important tool to plan ahead for the events, activities, trips and special moments in their lives and on their calendars.

24me, a technology company with a singular focus – helping people make good use of their most precious resource - time. It enables users to easily organize all important items that vie for their time in one place, and automatically suggests help for tasks and calendar entries in order to get things done. 24me achieves this by seamlessly merging the concepts of a predictive calendar, an automatic to-do list, smart notes and connectivity to real life accounts including: social networks, service providers and financial institutions. It turbo charges them with intelligent algorithms and personalized notifications. Available for iPhone and Android and featured by Google, Apple and Amazon, 24me is compatible with existing calendar services including Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Exchange and many others.

WeatherPlanner presents customized, long-range weather outlooks in the tools, websites and apps people use to manage their lives. The outlook is derived from a proprietary process using algorithms that predict weather trends for the next 365 days based on more than 100 years of historical data. This partnership marks the first time consumers have access and the ability to search on their own calendar for long-range weather intelligence. They can now plan ahead for how the weather will impact their next birthday, vacation, 5K race, sports tournament, etc. “Consumers can finally benefit from the sophisticated technology Fortune 500 companies have used for more than 60 years to optimize advertising spend and inventory decisions.” says WeatherPlanner CEO, Jay Ciccarone.

“People use 24me to plan ahead, and weather Influences the everyday choices that drive individual behavior and spend: from the clothes we wear to foods we eat, sport activities we participate in, methods of transportation we use, events we plan and much more.” said 24me CEO, Gilad Hertanu. “We are on a mission to build a personal assistant that helps people manage their time and be on top of things. Providing a year-long outlook for every day on the calendar, provides our users with more control to make the right decisions. People can now plan important activities with much more certainty about the weather. The integration with WeatherPlanner’s technology takes the personal assistant experience to new levels.” said Hertanu.

"As the largest leisure travel organization in North America, no one understands better than AAA about the pivotal role weather plays in travel planning. We also understand that our members are now using mobile devices to consume content in different ways, which is why AAA Mid-Atlantic began offering WeatherPlanner on our website last year. The new 24me app will take it a step further by helping mobile travelers make an informed decision on where and when to go, what to pack and how to get there,” says Scott Gamble, Managing Director of e-Business at AAA Mid-Atlantic. Based in Wilmington, Del., AAA Mid-Atlantic serves nearly four million members in Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia and parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

24me is known for its revolutionary Personal Assistant, which helps users with all kind of everyday life hassles: from bill payment reminders to finding real- life assistants based on tasks on the task lists, agenda for tomorrow and a lot more. It is a multi-purpose app built around the idea of being an ‘all in one’ personal assistant for everyone. It provides a full suite of productivity tools: Predictive Calendar, To-do List, and Smart Notes - all fully synced with each other. 24me also connects to real life accounts to get things done. It integrates with different calendars, thousands of service providers, financial institutions, social networks, and adds events to users’ calendars and helps them automatically complete everyday tasks. For instance, users will be reminded about upcoming bills, meetings, or other tasks and can take actions such as paying a bill, sending a gift, or arranging to have their dry cleaning picked up – all from 24me. The company has recently launched the first Personal Assistant for Apple Watch. “As one of the leading creators of a personal assistant, we always look for ways to help users manage their daily lives and save time. Our goal for 2015 is to add more features that deliver predictive experiences with the ability to help at the right time.” Said Hertanu, 24me CEO.

Download 24me on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id557745942?pt=1293560&ct=24meForecast&mt=8

About 24me:

24me was founded by the couple Liat Mordechay and Gilad Hertanu, entrepreneurs and parents of three, as Gilad was building a solution to help his wife, Liat, cope with her ADHD, and that gave birth to the unique concept of 24me. The couple has created one of leading apps for time management, which was selected by Apple as App Store Best of 2014 in more than 80 countries around the world.

About WeatherPlanner:

WeatherPlanner presents customized, long-range weather intelligence in the tools, websites and apps people use to manage their lives. As the only source of consumer-focused, long-range weather information, WeatherPlanner is uniquely positioned to drive traffic and revenue to the mobile and web properties within travel, sports and other verticals. The real customer value lies in helping people to plan up to a year in advance and better anticipate the special events and everyday moments on their calendar. WeatherPlanner’s long-range weather outlook is derived from a proprietary process using algorithmic methods, climatological factors and more than 100 years of historical data to predict trending weather for the next 365 days. Using recognizable weather icons, consumers can now easily understand and plan ahead for how the weather will impact their next birthday, vacation, 5K race, sports tournament, etc.

24me Press Contact:
Liat Mordechay Hertanu
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WeatherPlanner Press Contact:

Jay Ciccarone
Founder and CEO
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